11 June, 2013


Hi Friends

I would just like to take a minute and apologize for not updating the blog for the past 3 or 4 months. I know some of you have been asking when I am going to update again. I've been lacking inspiration with regards to this blog because I realized that most people blog about their OOTD (outfit of the day) DIY'S,events they attend, etc so I want to come up with something more creative and more exciting. I also want to create a new look and turn it into a proper website . I want to bring you guys the best in terms of the look, picture quality and content. I hope you understand and I am really sorry but everything will be back to regular programming as soon as I have worked that bit out. Otherwise life has been good on my side I had a chance to travel overseas in April for inspiration to see how the clothing industry works there and to get inspired with regards to store designs. I am also working on refining my craft so I can be the best because I have visions and dreams that need to be fulfilled and that takes time to get it perfect so that is what I've been up to. How have you guys been? I am dying to know please share with me.

Lots of love.
Miss Toitty

28 January, 2013



This is  a Fall/Winter trend, I know I am a bit early according to South African weather but I like to keep ahead as I suffer from severe case of fashion FOMO haha. This trend is inspired by the Baroque art dating back from the 17th century  to the early 18th century. It is definitely not a trend for the faint hearted as it is very bold and dramatic with lots of  embellishments especially gold, and rich textured fabrics. You will see in some the images below that big bold accessories are order of the day when rocking this trend but if you are on the reserved side keep it minimal and maybe get baroque shoes, belt or bag and pair it with neutral colours.

Love, peace and happiness



I first saw the Olcay Gulsen platform pumps on Angela Simmons, they are absolutely stunning high, high heels!. I would need a lot of practice before rocking these but they are super hot. Charlotte Olympia also shoes similar to Olcay Gulsen  I don't know who copied who? Charlotte produces a wider range of shoes but the  gaga platform pumps similar to the Olcay Gulsen ones are quite popular even though the Olympia's are not as high as the Gulsen's either way it's hotness all around.  Which ones do you guys prefer? Olcay or Charlotte? leave your comments below would love to hear from you.

Olcay Gulsen

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

Olympia jingerbell shoe! oh so hot

 Love, Peace and Happiness




As some of you know last year I did a course in Fashion Styling and got my excellent results just the other day, I am so excited. Anyways my reason for doing this course was because it is something that I love and would like to pursue on a part time basis so I figured that it is best I get some form of qualification for it. It was a course that I thoroughly enjoyed and I learnt a lot of valuable lessons and realized that it is not as easy as it may seem. We learnt about the different types of styling that one can get into, which by the way Editorial Styling was my favorite because it is challenging as you constantly have to come with new and fresh ideas for the magazine. As a stylist your fashion knowledge has to be of the highest level, you need to know about trends, designers, hottest colours of the season and fabrics. It was not as easy as I thought it would be  as we had to do mood boards that really kicked my butt in the beginning but being the good student that I am:-) I got the hang of it quickly and the fact that we had an awesome lecturer that really pushed us to think out of the box when it comes to our creativity helped a lot.  This also course sparked my love for beautiful images as I realized the importance of finding the right photographer to capture that magic shot. Below are some of the I produced for my final project for editorial styling. I chose a simple theme black white and pink and produced  3 looks.

Model: Phila Khumalo
Photographer: Lebogang Thlaku

Love, Peace and Happiness.

Ta ta for now

09 January, 2013

A HAPPY 2013

Hi Friends

It has been a minute. I trust you and your families are doing well and ushered the new year in style. Thank you for reading my blog last year, I hope you carry on reading again this year. There will be a few changes around here, good changes. I hope you guys succeed  in whatever goals you have set for this year.

Love and Blessings

03 December, 2012


Hi Guys

 Delayed Post: on the 20th of November I had the opportunity to attend the Elle Blog Party which was held at the Museum of African Design downtown Jo-burg. I had loads of fun. It truly was a fashion "do".  There we seven finalists and Trevor Stuurman was crowned the first and new Elle Style Reporter in association with Blackberry kudos to him, those challenges looked difficult. Overall  it was a fun night with fabulous people, good food, good music and an open bar lol. Enjoy the pictures.

That's me was very simple

Trevor the winner